WHEREAS, North Carolina is traditionally an active tornado and severe thunderstorms state especially during the spring and last year had 21 tornadoes touchdown, with statewide damages exceeding $19 million; and

WHEREAS, in 2012, North Carolina experienced several unusually early winter tornadoes; and 

WHEREAS, the National Weather Service in North Carolina last year issued more than 1,050 severe thunderstorm warnings and recorded more than 1,200 incidents of severe thunderstorms with damaging winds and/or large hail; and

WHEREAS, people are less likely to be injured when they know what to do when a tornado warning is issued and severe weather conditions threaten; and

WHEREAS, the average lead warning time for severe weather in 2012 was 20 minutes, and the average lead warning time for tornadoes was nine minutes; and

WHEREAS, lightning strikes are a significant threat in North Carolina, especially for people involved in outdoor recreational and sporting events; and

WHEREAS, citizens should listen to local radio, television, a weather channel or a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration radio for information on severe weather; and

WHEREAS, families should have an emergency safety plan for home, school and work, including knowing where the safest locations are on their regularly-traveled routes; and

WHEREAS, individuals should have a disaster supply kit on hand that contains a first-aid kit, a battery-powered radio and flashlight with extra batteries, canned and other non-perishable food, a hand-operated can opener, bottled water, toilet paper, paper towels, sturdy shoes and work gloves; and

WHEREAS, the N.C. Department of Public Safety, N.C. Emergency Management, the National Weather Service and the N.C. Department of Public Instruction have collaborated to inform and educate North Carolinians about how to stay safe in severe weather; and 

WHEREAS, Wednesday, March 6, is the designated day for tornado drills to be held statewide in schools, government buildings and private companies;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, PATRICK McCRORY, Governor of the State of North Carolina, do hereby proclaim the week of March 3–9, 2013, as “SEVERE WEATHER AWARENESS WEEK” in North Carolina, and call upon our citizens and interested groups to observe the week with appropriate activities that promote awareness of severe weather and how to stay safe.



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