Governor McCrory has invested in education and our teachers to ensure our students gain the skills they need to succeed in life and form the workforce of the future. Today, average teacher pay in North Carolina will be more than $50,000 for the first time in state history under the newest state budget signed by Governor McCrory.

Investing in teachers and providing them with the tools they need to ensure students succeed.

  • Under Governor McCrory’s leadership, K-12 funding has increased each year totaling hundreds of millions of new dollars for K-12 education.
  • North Carolina spends a higher percentage of tax revenues on higher education than any other state.
  • Since 2013, North Carolina has committed over $1 billion more for teacher pay through Governor McCrory’s first term.
  • Since 2013, textbook and digital resource funding has tripled under Governor McCrory’s leadership to $71.5 million.
  • In 2016, North Carolina teachers received the largest average pay increase in the country.
  • Governor McCrory has successfully fought for nearly 2,800 teacher assistant positions.

Ensuring third graders have the reading skills they need to succeed.

  • Under Governor McCrory’s leadership, North Carolina increased access to Summer Reading Camps by expanding the program to first and second grade students who need help achieving reading proficiency progress.
  • The state budget funds reducing class size in first grade to one teacher per 16 students by 2016-17.

Increasing choice for North Carolina parents and their children.

  • North Carolina started the “opportunity scholarship” program in 2014 to provide an opportunity for low-income families and students to have a choice of educational opportunity. Over $40 million of funding over the 2015-17 biennium will provide new opportunities to thousands of students and families to pursue the education best suited for success.
  • The number of charter schools and students enrolled in charter schools has increased by nearly 50% since 2012.

Keeping our students safe.

  • Governor McCrory created the “Center for Safer Schools” to bring local leaders together to develop best practices for school safety.
  • Governor McCrory fought for and won $24 million in funding for drivers education.

Governor McCrory is closing the skills gap.

  • Beginning in 2014, Governor McCrory and the General Assembly provided $15 million annually to the community college system to “close the skills gap.” These funds go to the state’s 58 community colleges to train students and workers for high demand, high skill and high wage jobs.
  • Governor McCrory signed a budget that places NCWorks Career Coaches from the community colleges in North Carolina high schools.
  • Governor McCrory instituted year round job-training by funding summer enrollment for community colleges.
  • Governor McCrory made sure our students are trained using the latest technology by providing $7.5 million to the community colleges to buy modern instructional equipment and technology.

Leveraging virtual education and technology to improve student achievement.

  • Governor McCrory significantly increased state funding and leveraged federal grant funding to achieve the goal of connecting every classroom to Wi-Fi.
  • When Governor McCrory entered office, just 22 percent of classrooms were connected to robust Wi-Fi. Investments included in the budget will help ensure 100 percent of classrooms are connected to Wi-Fi by 2018.

Bringing education leaders together for the betterment of North Carolina students.

  • Governor McCrory reconvened the Education Cabinet, which includes the State Superintendent, and leaders from the Community Colleges, Universities, the Association of Independent Colleges and Universities for the first time in nearly three years to break down the silos in education.
  • Members of the Education Cabinet created a new transfer agreement between the UNC System and the NC Community College System that will allow thousands of North Carolina students to earn their degrees sooner and at a fraction of the cost.
  • Governor McCrory reconvened the Governor’s Teacher Advisory Committee to receive input directly from teachers. This committee recommended targeted pay raises for beginning teachers.