Governor McCrory is following through on his commitment to transform education by empowering North Carolina’s hardworking teachers and expanding opportunities for students to get the necessary skills and knowledge for success. His recommended budget:

  • Increases investment in early childhood education. The governor's budget allocates an additional $52.4 million over two years to fund services for an additional 5,000 at-risk four year olds, to serve a total of 30,000 four year olds per year through NC Pre-K.
  • Hires 1,800 more full-time teachers. The McCrory Administration prioritizes resources on hiring more full-time certified teachers throughout North Carolina over the next two years rather than classroom assistants to help our students succeed in the classroom.
  • Dedicates more resources for digital learning. Governor McCrory’s budget follows through on his commitment to expand digital learning initiatives and promote technology in the classroom with $43 million in additional funding over two years. Lottery funds are directed to support the purchase of reading tablets and technology to help address 3rd grade reading achievement and other high priorities.
  • Establishes the Center for Safer Schools. Following through on his commitment to protect North Carolina's children, the governor's budget provides $625,000 over two years for the Center for Safer Schools to provide training and technical support to educators, law enforcement agencies, and parents.
  • Continues the implementation of the Excellent Public Schools Act. Governor McCrory’s budget provides $28 million in additional funding to help improve third grade reading proficiency. Funds will be used for summer reading camps and reading plans for parents.
  • Makes investments to ensure high school graduates are college and career ready. The governor's budget delivers on his vision of strengthening K-12 education and decreasing the need for remedial courses in higher education. $7.5 million is provided for diagnostics in grades 8-12 to identify students in need of assistance and provide individualized student instructional strategies to help ensure students graduate career and college ready.
  • Increases funding for high-demand courses in Community Colleges. The governor’s budget provides $32 million in additional funds over two years for resource-intensive community college programs in high demand by employers such as engineering, vocational and technology training.
  • Increases funding for technical education in Community Colleges. The governor's budget increases funding by $28 million over two years for technical education equipment and infrastructure in North Carolina's Community College system.
  • Supports university system’s effort to align higher education with changing market needs and current economic conditions. The governor's budget follows through on his commitment to promote enrollment in high-demand fields and align educational needs with the marketplace. It provides $63 million over two years to help fund the University of North Carolina’s Strategic Directions Plan, which will prepare students for workforce demands in various high-growth sectors.