Government Efficiency

Governor McCrory is reforming state government to be more efficient and accountable to better serve the people of North Carolina at a price that respects the taxpayer.

Ensuring good stewardship of the taxpayers’ money.

  • Under Governor McCrory, North Carolina has gone from budget shortfalls to a $445 million dollar surplus in 2015 due to conservative forecasting and strong economic growth spurred by the governor’s job creation policies.
  • Governor McCrory is keeping spending under control and reducing per capita spending.
  • Governor McCrory has built up the state’s “rainy day” fund to more than $1 billion, the largest in the state’s history.
  • Under Governor McCrory’s leadership, North Carolina has maintained its pristine AAA bond rating, the highest rating possible, from all three major ratings agencies.

Streamlining the management of cultural and natural resources.

  • Under Governor McCrory’s leadership, the management of the North Carolina zoo and state aquariums, museums and state parks was shifted from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources to the Department of Cultural Resources to promote better customer service, increased revenue and more consistent oversight of state attractions.
  • This move allows the Department of Cultural Resources, which manages state assets as part of its mission, to provide collaborative management for all state attractions.
  • Now, the new Department of Environmental Quality can focus more clearly on its core mission of protecting our environment.

Modernizing statewide Information Technology operations.

  • Governor McCrory modernized statewide Information Technology services by centralizing operations under the new, unified Department of Information Technology, allowing for improved management, governance and oversight of technology projects.
  • Prior to reform, State IT operations were scattered across dozens of agencies and 74% of projects came in over budget and behind schedule. The new model, implemented under Governor McCrory, will improve citizen satisfaction, increase efficiency and reduce complexity of the state’s IT structure.