Governor McCrory Takes Action on Legislation

  • June 12, 2013 • Agriculture, • Education, • Ethics and Accountability, • Healthcare, • Jobs and the Economy, • Military and Veterans Affairs, • Personnel, • Transportation and Infrastructure

    Raleigh, NC- Governor Pat McCrory signed 39 bills today including three that aligned with the governor's focus on improving our state's education and government efficiency. There were: 


    • ​HB 903 (Reps. Johnson and Starnes) UNC and Community College Credit Transfers - A bill that requires all constituent institutions of the University of North Carolina to fully adhere to the comprehensive articulation agreement with the North Carolina Community College System regarding the transfer of courses and academic credits between the two systems and the admission of transfer students and to direct the University of North Carolina and the North Carolina Community College System to report biannually regarding the agreement to the Joint Legislative Education Oversight Committee.


    ​Governor McCrory was joined by Rep. Starnes, Dr. Ken Boham, President of Caldwell Community College & Technical Institute, and Institute Trustees Larry Taylor, Jerry Church, Bill Stone and Marilyn Starnes for the bill signing.


    • HB 146 (Reps. Hurley, Warren and Shepard) Back to Basics - A bill that requires the State Board of Education to ensure instruction in cursive writing and memorization of multiplication tables as a part of the basic education program.

    ​Reps. Pat Hurley, Warren and Shepard joined Governor McCrory for the bill signing.


    • SB 129 (Sen. Tucker) Limit State Facilities Finance Act Debt - A bill that prohibits issuance of debt under the State Capital Facilities Finance Act.

    ​Sen. Tommy Tucker and Rep. Rayne Brown joined the governor for the bill signing.

    Other bills signed by the governor were: HB 10, HB 25, HB 32, HB 114, HB 125, HB 142, HB 301, HB 315, HB 361, HB 368, HB 383, HB 384, HB 407, HB 410, HB 449, HB 480, HB 532, HB 581, HB 591, HB 610, HB 687, HB 710, HB 774, HB 788, HB 789, HB 813, HB 821, HB 829, SB 208, SB 210, SB 252, SB 279, SB 433, SB 460, SB 603 and SB 634.

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