Governor McCrory Addresses Emergency Managers from Across Country

Raleigh, N.C.

Governor Pat McCrory praised North Carolina’s Emergency Management team as he welcomed Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Director Craig Fugate and emergency managers, health officials, business leaders and first responders from across the country to Raleigh this morning. North Carolina is hosting FEMA’s National Advisory Council, and members gathered in Raleigh today to discuss coordinated planning, response and recovery during disasters.
“I’m confident that North Carolina has the best emergency management team in the country,” said Governor McCrory. “I’ve seen them in action through numerous storms, both as governor and as a former mayor, yet there is always room for improvement and lessons to be learned from others.” 

The council was established in 2006 to ensure the effective and ongoing coordination of federal emergency management activities. The group of 35 appointed representatives from local, state and tribal governments, the private sector and non-profit organizations meets two to three times annually to advise Fugate on all aspects of emergency management. Today's meeting was the first time the group met in North Carolina. 
“It takes teamwork to prepare for, respond to and recover from disasters,” continued Governor McCrory. “Emergencies cross all boundaries; physical, jurisdictional, financial, and political. The more closely we are coordinated in advance, the faster and stronger we will recover, and the better we will serve our citizens and visitors.”  
Fugate said that North Carolina has long been known for its strong emergency management program noting that many of the current national protocols have their origins in North Carolina disaster operations. 
“North Carolina has set the standard for many facets of emergency management,” said Fugate. “I want to thank Governor McCrory, Secretary Frank Perry and Director Sprayberry for their hospitality and leadership.”
McCrory praised Public Safety Secretary Frank L. Perry and N.C. Emergency Management director Mike Sprayberry for their leadership noting how important it is to have an experienced, dedicated team to coordinate disaster response and recovery amongst all levels of government and the private sector. He also highlighted ways the state is leveraging current technology, fostering public-private partnerships and improving preparedness for some of the most vulnerable populations. 
The governor cited several initiatives that the state’s Emergency Management team has spearheaded in recent years, including: 

  • Creating and launching a web-based tool that makes it easier for child care operators, licensed care facility owners, and mental health facility operators to develop and store emergency plans that first responders can easily access during a disaster. 
  • Developing and hosting a web-based application that enables dam owners to create and maintain a federally compliant dam safety plan that also is accessible by local emergency officials.
  • Launching the ReadyNC mobile application which provides real-time weather, traffic, flooding and shelter information as well as critical safety tips for all types of disasters.
  • Strengthening relationships with private businesses and industries in order to expedite delivery of needed goods and services after a disaster. 
  • Developing and implementing a program to better prepare people with intellectual and developmental disabilities for emergencies. 

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