Governor McCrory Takes Action on Legislation

Raleigh, N.C. - Today, Governor Pat McCrory signed the following four bills into law:

  • HB66 (Representatives West, Howard, Hager and Moore) - A bill to amend the law providing for the issuance of captivity licenses and permits by the Wildlife Resources Commission.
  • HB5 (Representatives Dollar and Burr) - A bill to provide temporary, short-term financial assistance to group homes and special care units.
  • SB4 (Senators Apodaca, Brown and Rucho) - A bill to clarify the state's intent not to operate a state-run health benefit exchange, to provide that future Medicaid eligibility determinations will be made by the state rather than the federally facilitated exchange and to reject the Affordable Care Act's optional Medicaid expansion.
  • HB19 - (Representatives Hastings, Moore, Arp and Szoka) - A bill to honor fallen heroes by strengthening the law that prohibits disorderly conduct at funerals, memorial services or processional routes. 

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