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Disaster Recovery

Recovering When Natural Disasters Strike

Help can never arrive soon enough to those affected by disasters. And, unfortunately, North Carolina is no stranger to natural disasters. Whether the harm comes from tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, wildfires or other disasters, Governor Cooper is committed to ensuring that North Carolinians get the help they need after disaster strikes.

In 2016, Hurricane Matthew tore through the eastern part of our state, causing an estimated $4.8 billion in damage to North Carolina. But North Carolina is stronger than any storm, and Governor Cooper’s administration is working with federal, state and local partners to rebuild.

So far, more than $730 million has been spent on Hurricane Matthew recovery with more on the way to continue making families and communities whole.  North Carolina has seen progress as families have returned home, roads and bridges have been repaired and businesses have reopened, but more work remains to rebuild resilient communities. To ensure North Carolina is prepared for future hurricanes, the Administration has focused on flood mapping key areas and moving and elevating homes that are at risk in future storms.

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