Canton Paper Mill Closure – Information & Resources

On March 6, Pactiv Evergreen announced plans to shut down the paper mill in Canton, North Carolina. The first layoffs will occur on June 9, 2023, but the community is already feeling the impact. The Canton mill has been in operation for more than a century and has been the lifeblood of that town and region. The closing is a shocking, cruel blow to families who have depended for years on wages and business from Canton Mills. This will have a devastating effect on the livelihoods of thousands of people in Canton and western North Carolina.

Gov. Roy Cooper and his Administration are committed to supporting the people of Canton and western North Carolina with every available state & federal resource and will hold Pactiv Evergreen accountable to the State and the community. This page includes links to information and resources for people looking for jobs, news about the closure, mental health resources, and more.

First Stop – Mill Town Strong

  • Community Resources for the Canton Mill Closure

News & Information

Resources for Workers

NC Works is providing employment services including career counseling, job search, tuition assistance, skills training and veteran services. For more information contact:

Unemployment Insurance

  • Evergreen will open all UI claims due to mass layoff
  • To create a profile and access UI information go to
  • 888.737.0259

Haywood Community College

Find A Job With the State of North Carolina

  • The State of North Carolina is Hiring! Search jobs by career, salary, and location.

Resources for Families

  • Mountain Projects
    • Call the 24/7 Vaya Health Access to Care Line anytime: 800-849-6127. For more information about the hotline visit
    • NC 988 (call, chat, text) is available 24/7 to support individuals, families, and communities members who need mental health support. 

Holding Pactiv Evergreen Accountable

In March, Governor Cooper sent a letter to Pactiv Evergreen urging the company to reconsider closing the mill or requiring the company to repay the state $12 million in grants that were given to the company to maintain operations.

North Carolina has been a partner to Pactiv Evergreen since it purchased the Canton mill, as demonstrated through a 2015 economic development agreement that provided $12 million to the company, including efforts to rebuild and restore transportation vital to the plant’s operation in the wake of Tropical Storm Fred, and many other actions.

Additionally, North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein sent letters to Pactiv Evergreen ensuring that they are held accountable for the JMAC grant funds and for retaining documents.

North Carolina DEQ will be the lead agency for requiring that the closure of the mill does not negatively impact the environment. For more information the work of DEQ, please visit their website here.