WHEREAS, all children deserve safe, stable, nurturing homes and communities they need to foster their healthy growth and development; and

WHEREAS, North Carolina prioritizes improving child and family wellbeing so all children have the opportunity to develop to their full potential and thrive; and 

WHEREAS, preventing child abuse and neglect is a community responsibility affecting both the current and future quality of life of a community; and

WHEREAS, communities that provide families with the social support, parenting and child development knowledge and support, and  resources they need to cope with stress and nurture their children helps ensure all children are safe and can grow to their full potential; and

WHEREAS, effective child abuse prevention strategies succeed because of partnerships created among human service agencies, schools, faith communities, healthcare providers, civic organizations, law enforcement agencies, and the business community; and

WHEREAS, the State of North Carolina calls upon all community agencies, faith groups, medical facilities, elected leaders, businesses, and individuals to increase their participation in efforts to support all families and strengthen the communities in which we live, thereby ensuring safety and preventing child abuse;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, ROY COOPER, Governor of the State of North Carolina, do hereby proclaim April, 2023, as “CHILD ABUSE PREVENTION MONTH” in North Carolina, and commend its observance to all citizens.

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