Friday, July 26, 2019

18 Days and Still No Budget Counteroffer from Republican Leaders

Jul 26, 2019

It has been eighteen days since Governor Roy Cooper and Democratic leaders sent a detailed, balanced compromise offer to Republican leaders in the General Assembly. As of today, Republican leaders have not shared any counteroffer to keep the budget process moving forward. 

Where is the Republican counteroffer?

As Governor Cooper described to WFAE in an interview yesterday:

I think the Republican leadership has been entrenched for so many years that they're not used to anybody challenging their budget, which usually is very heavy on continuing to cut taxes for the wealthiest among us and corporate taxes, and not enough investment in education and health care. We've challenged that. 

I vetoed this budget because it is a bad budget for our state. They have not been able to override it… but we've heard nothing because they're spending their time trying to bribe Democratic legislators to override my veto.  

Yesterday the Governor toured the aging and crowded classrooms and facilities at St. Pauls Elementary that suffered flooding and damage in both hurricanes Matthew and Florence. Read more about his tour here, where he described how his bond is good for rural counties with funding shortfalls like Robeson.

In March, Gov. Cooper originally proposed a $3.9 billion bond for school and education construction and water and sewer upgrades. The legislative Republicans’ budget included a State Capital Infrastructure Fund (SCIF) that siphons funds from other areas to use for school construction and capital needs but doesn’t guarantee any money to school districts. 

After Gov. Cooper vetoed the Republican legislature’s budget, he offered to compromise by asking voters to consider a smaller $3.5 billion bond. For a comparison of each school districts’ funding between the Governor’s compromise and the Republican legislative budget, click HERE.  

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