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30 Days After Governor Proposed Budget Compromise, Still No Counteroffer from Legislative Republicans


It’s been 30 days since Governor Cooper and Democratic Leaders proposed a detailed budget compromise. Since then, Republican leaders have refused to respond or put forward a counteroffer, instead trying everything they can think of to avoid negotiating.

Republican leaders have attempted to bribe legislators for their votes, even auctioning off a state agency to multiple counties, and publicly threatening local funding if members don’t support an override. Governor Cooper’s compromise includes all the local projects that the Republican budget funded, so the only people standing in the way of those projects are Republicans who refuse to negotiate.

Governor Cooper’s compromise offer can be found HERE. It would close the health care coverage gap, raise teacher pay, cut taxes for people and guarantee school construction while balancing the budget and saving money in the Rainy Day Fund.

Where is the Republican counteroffer?


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