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Gov. Cooper Signs Additional Bills into Law


Governor Cooper signed the following bills into law:

  • House Bill 30: An Act to Authorize the Division of Motor Vehicles to Produce a Colorectal Cancer Awareness Special Registration Plate, a Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament Special Registration Plate, and a Kick Cancer for Kids Special Registration Plate
  • House Bill 464: An Act Revising the Schedule of Controlled Substances to Add Synthetic Fentanyls, Designer Hallucinogenics, Synthetic Cannabinoids, System Depressants, and Other Substances and Making Conforming Changes; And Creating the Task Force on Sentencing Reforms for Opioid Drug Convictions
  • House Bill 466: An Act Relating to the Regulation of Pharmacy Benefit Managers
  • House Bill 532: An Act to Modify the Governance and Operation of the University of North Carolina Laboratory Schools
  • Senate Bill 100: An Act to Require Aerial Adventure Parks to Maintain Certain Minimum Insurance Coverages, As Recommended by the Legislative Research Commission Committee on Regulatory and Rate Issues in Insurance
  • Senate Bill 338: An Act to Enact the Disaster Recovery Act of 2017
  • Senate Bill 391: An Act to Authorize the Creation of a Ferry Transportation Authority
  • Senate Bill 450: An Act to Adopt the North Carolina Uniform Trust Decanting Act
  • Senate Bill 593: An Act to Provide for the Establishment of an Arbitration and Mediation Program for the North Carolina Business Court
  • Senate Bill 621: An Act to Validate Choice of North Carolina Law and Forum Provisions in Business Contracts