Governor Cooper Signs One Bill, Vetoes A Separate Bill


Governor Roy Cooper took action on two pieces of legislation today. He signed SB 290 ABC Regulatory Reform Bill, and vetoed SB 392 Various Charter School Changes.

SB 290 ABC Regulatory Reform Bill

This bill allows distilleries the same serving privileges as wineries and craft breweries and reduces regulation on out-of-state sales.

“Distilleries are expanding North Carolina’s reputation for craftsmanship and drawing visitors to cities and towns across our state,” said Governor Cooper. “This bill will help small businesses continue to thrive.”

SB 392 Various Charter School Changes

“Current law already allows the State Board of Education to lift the enrollment cap on virtual charter schools.  Both schools have been low performing, raising concern about the effectiveness of this pilot. Decisions on adding more students should remain with the Board so it can measure progress and make decisions that will provide the best education for students.”


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