Legislators Skipped Town for Over a Week While Teacher Pay Is Ignored State employees received a raise this week while teachers continue to be short-changed


Republican leadership continues to play games with teachers by excluding them from raises that other state employees received this week. Republican legislators left Raleigh for over a week without improving teacher pay or delivering annual step increases.

"Most state employees woke up this morning with a pay raise, but for our teachers? Nothing. It’s disgraceful that legislators not only left town, but left out our teachers. My reasonable budget compromise offer can help us attract and retain more good teachers our schools desperately need," said Governor Roy Cooper.

Competitive teacher pay is critical for North Carolina to recruit and retain teachers. The Republican budget shortchanges teachers and would give them a mere 3.8% raise. That is significantly less than the raise other state employees received and much less than Governor Cooper’s compromise that requested an average 8.5% teacher pay raise.

Legislative Republicans have refused to negotiate on a budget compromise with the Governor, instead picking winners and losers through the mini-budget process. It’s time for Republicans to come to the table and negotiate on a fair raise for educators.

Governor Cooper’s compromise offer can be found HERE. It would close the health care coverage gap, raise teacher pay, cut taxes for people and guarantee school construction while balancing the budget and saving money in the Rainy Day Fund.


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