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Governor Cooper Highlights Clean Water Infrastructure Investments in Yadkin and Surry Counties North Carolina is investing $2.3 billion in water and wastewater infrastructure across the state

Today, Governor Roy Cooper visited Yadkin and Surry counties to highlight water infrastructure grant funding.
Dec 20, 2022

Today, Governor Roy Cooper visited Yadkin and Surry counties to highlight water infrastructure grant funding. The Yadkin Valley Sewer Authority in Elkin will receive $4 million for floodplain resiliency wastewater collection system improvements. Jonesville will receive $8.1 million for water treatment plant filter and clear well replacement and $6.9 million for meters and water line replacement.

“Access to clean drinking water is critical for healthy and thriving communities,” Governor Cooper said. “This funding will give families and business owners in Jonesville, Elkin and Ronda more confidence in their infrastructure so they can continue to grow.”

On average, North Carolina invests about $200 million annually in the state’s water infrastructure. But thanks to historic federal funding passed by Congress and signed by President Biden, North Carolina is investing $2.3 billion over two years in water and wastewater infrastructure in communities across the state.

In July, the Governor announced $789.4 million in water and wastewater infrastructure funding to help pay for 385 projects statewide, including 140 construction projects. To date, 86 counties are receiving funds from the American Rescue Plan Act funds, state reserve funds and state budget allocations to upgrade their water infrastructure. Here are some of the ways these investments are strengthening communities across the state:

Robesonian: Gov. Cooper tours Rowland’s wastewater plant, highlights $10M investment  

October 6, 2022

Gov. Roy Cooper toured the Town of Rowland’s wastewater plant [...] and highlighted the need for the $10.3 million clean water infrastructure grant that the town is receiving to replace and rehabilitate sanitary sewer infrastructure.

Rowland is among seven Robeson County municipalities that have been awarded a total of more than $46 million in grant and loan funding through the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality’s Division of Water Infrastructure.


“These much-needed improvements will improve and enhance the performance and the resiliency of our wastewater treatment plant while improving the quality of life by allowing us to better serve the citizens of Rowland,” said Rowland Mayor Robert McDougald. “It is my hope and our intent to expand and improve these capabilities in order to attract additional housing development and more manufacturing and business opportunities to our area.”


“It will also provide funds to replace many older sewer mains thereby reducing the impact of inflow and infiltration issues systemwide,” Rowland Town Clerk David Townsend said. “All these improvements will increase the Town’s efficiency, which will make the Town of Rowland able to operate in a more cost-effective fashion and encourage new growth to our beautiful town.”

The Town of Rowland is under a sewer line moratorium due to regularly exceeding flows at the treatment plant. The project will help eliminate large volumes of extraneous flow in the system and help end the sewer line moratorium.


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WECT: Neighbors optimistic as state invests millions in clean water infrastructure

Zach Solon - September 27, 2022

 As a resident of Ivanhoe, Russell Devane is like hundreds of people across southeastern North Carolina who struggle without access to clean water.

“I’ve tried to wash clothes, especially white clothes, and they come out brown,” Devane said.

The challenges of not having a public water distribution system have followed Devane and his neighbors for years.

“In the wintertime, when it is 30 [degrees] or below, that old water pump has a tendency to go out just like that,” Devane said. “And then out out in the cold wind blew in and it’s 20 degrees outside, you have to go out [and] try to fix the water pump to get the water back going in the house.”

Governor Roy Cooper says the state has taken notice of these challenges. In a visit to Sampson County on [...], he reassured residents that help is on the way in the form of a $13.2 million state grant.

“Rural counties, in particular, have a hard time with water systems and being able to afford the significant investments that it takes to make sure that there’s clean water,” Cooper said.


Cooper says the need to strengthen the state’s infrastructure is urgent as climate change takes its toll.

“We’re seeing storms intensify,” Cooper said. “[Its] one of the reasons why we’ve made significant investments in clean energy, but we know that communities who can afford it the least often get hit the most, and this community has felt it with the floodwaters.”


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WXII: Gov. Cooper invests $2.3 billion in water infrastructure

September 27, 2022

Sampson County is receiving a $13.2 million grant for water infrastructure. The grant is meant to create water system connections for Ivanhoe.

Gov. Roy Cooper spoke [...] on the grant.

"All North Carolinians deserve safe and clean drinking water," Cooper said. "This investment will help families, and business owners in Ivanhoe have confidence that this community will continue to grow and thrive."

The new water supply system will create 40 miles of new water lines and connect over 350 homes at no cost to homeowners.


"Sampson County has worked for years to develop our water system, despite having been told that it simply couldn't be done. That's the hallmark of our great county — making the seemingly impossible, possible," Sampson County Commission Chairperson Sue Lee said.

Ivanhoe does not currently have a water distribution system.


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