Friday, July 21, 2023

Governor Cooper Signs Two Bills, Vetoes One Bill and Lets One Bill Become Law

Today, Governor Roy Cooper signed the following bills into law:
Jul 21, 2023

Today, Governor Roy Cooper signed the following bills into law:

Governor Cooper also vetoed the following bill:

Governor Cooper made the following statement on his veto of HB 219:

“This bill allowing more students to attend failing charter schools risks their education and their future. The State Board of Education should continue to oversee the enrollment growth of charter schools to assure success. North Carolina should continue to cap the enrollment growth of low-performing charter schools until they can show that they improve student achievement. Finally, diverting local resources to build charter schools without clear authority on who owns them risks financial loss to county taxpayers who have no recourse.”

Governor Cooper also declined to sign one bill into law:



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