Friday, July 5, 2024

Governor Cooper Vetoes Two Bills

Jul 5, 2024

Today, Governor Roy Cooper vetoed the following bills:

Governor Cooper issued the following statement on his veto of SB 166:

"By limiting options for energy efficiency and electric vehicles, this legislation prevents North Carolina’s building code from adopting innovations in construction and mobility that save consumers money. This bill also removes subject matter experts from the building code council, including architects, active fire service, a coastal expert, local government officials, and public at large membership, and limits the knowledge and practical experience of the body tasked with ensuring all buildings are safely designed."

Governor Cooper issued the following statement on his veto of HB 690:

"Efforts are being made at the federal level to ensure standards and safeguards are in place to protect consumers, investors and businesses that may want to make monetary transactions in digital assets and North Carolina should wait to see how they work before taking action. This legislation is premature, vague and reactionary and proposes an end result on important monetary decisions that haven’t even been made yet. Instead of this bill, the legislature should have passed a budget to provide more funding for cybersecurity threats that actually exist now."


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