Monday, January 13, 2020

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Announces Additional $281.5 Million for Resiliency Projects in NC

<p>&nbsp;In&nbsp;addition to the design and construction&nbsp;of&nbsp;a new levee&nbsp;in&nbsp;Princeville, the&nbsp;US&nbsp;Army&nbsp;Corpsof&nbsp;Engineers&nbsp;announced that it will direct $281.5&nbsp;million&nbsp;to complete two significant&nbsp;resiliency&nbsp;projectsin&nbsp;eastern North Carolina.</p>
Jan 13, 2020

 In addition to the design and construction of a new levee in Princeville, the US Army Corpsof Engineers announced that it will direct $281.5 million to complete two significant resiliency projectsin eastern North Carolina.

“These substantial investments by the Army Corps of Engineers will help make North Carolina safer and more resilient against future storms. North Carolinians have been hit hard by recent storms, and I appreciate the efforts of our federal partners as we work to rebuild smarter and stronger than ever,” said Governor Cooper.

The Army Corps of Engineers will construct two flood and storm damage reduction projects, one inSurf City and North Topsail Beach and another in Carteret County. The projects are in addition to last week’s announcement of $39.6 million for design and construction of a new levee in Princeville.

To learn more about funding announcements, visit under "Supplemental Appropriations for Disasters 2019."


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