WHEREAS, on September 16 in the year 1810, after being under Spanish rule for three centuries, Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla sparked the fight to unite the citizens of Mexico; and

WHEREAS, each year individuals of Mexican ancestry throughout the world gather to celebrate and reflect upon the history and individuals which allowed for their nation’s independence; and

WHEREAS, each year “Mes Patrio,” Mexico’s Independence Month, is celebrated September 1 – 30 and Mexico’s independence and freedom is celebrated on September 16th; and

WHEREAS, the State of North Carolina openly welcomes and supports its cultural diversity, and is home to many Mexican identifying residents; and

WHEREAS, among all North Carolina Hispanic or Latino residents, including those born in the United States, 54 percent identify Mexican as their primary ancestry; and

WHEREAS, we are further inspired by the economic, social, and cultural contributions of the Mexican community within North Carolina; and

WHEREAS, we understand that although this binational recognition lasts each year for one month, we work throughout the year to create a more socially and culturally-inclusive and diverse society with equality for all people;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, ROY COOPER, Governor of the State of North Carolina, do hereby proclaim September, 2023, as “MEXICO INDEPENDENCE MONTH” in North Carolina, and commend its observance to all citizens.

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